Yunmao Huang


Country: China


  1. Liu W, Yang Y, Du S, Yi H, Xu D, Cao N, et al. Rapid and sensitive detection of goose parvovirus and duck-origin novel goose parvovirus by recombinase polymerase amplification combined with a vertical flow visualization strip. J Virol Methods. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..This assay can be performed with minimal equipment and training to rapidly detect GPV and N-GPV during the early phase of an outbreak, especially when timely veterinary diagnoses are needed in the field and in rural areas. ..
  2. Zhang Y, Zhao L, Chen W, Huang Y, Yang L, Sarathbabu V, et al. Complete genome sequence analysis of the fish pathogen Flavobacterium columnare provides insights into antibiotic resistance and pathogenicity related genes. Microb Pathog. 2017;111:203-211 pubmed publisher
    ..The predicted antibiotic resistance and pathogenicity related genes will shed a new light on the development of more efficient preventional strategies against the infection of F. columnare, which is a major worldwide fish pathogen. ..