Meng Wang


Affiliation: Chongqing University
Country: China


  1. Qiu L, Wang M, Hu S, Ru X, Ren Y, Zhang Z, et al. Oncogenic Activation of Nrf2, Though as a Master Antioxidant Transcription Factor, Liberated by Specific Knockout of the Full-Length Nrf1α that Acts as a Dominant Tumor Repressor. Cancers (Basel). 2018;10: pubmed publisher
    ..In view of such mutual inter-regulation by between Nrf1α and Nrf2, it should thus be taken severe cautions to interpret the experimental results from loss of Nrf1α, Nrf2 or both. ..
  2. Zhu Y, Wang M, Xiang Y, Qiu L, Hu S, Zhang Z, et al. Nach Is a Novel Subgroup at an Early Evolutionary Stage of the CNC-bZIP Subfamily Transcription Factors from the Marine Bacteria to Humans. Int J Mol Sci. 2018;19: pubmed publisher
  3. Yuan J, Wang H, Xiang Y, Hu S, Li S, Wang M, et al. Nrf1D Is the First Candidate Secretory Transcription Factor in the Blood Plasma, Its Precursor Existing as a Unique Redox-Sensitive Transmembrane CNC-bZIP Protein in Hemopoietic and Somatic Tissues. Int J Mol Sci. 2018;19: pubmed publisher
  4. Qiu L, Wang M, Zhu Y, Xiang Y, Zhang Y. A Naturally-Occurring Dominant-Negative Inhibitor of Keap1 Competitively against Its Negative Regulation of Nrf2. Int J Mol Sci. 2018;19: pubmed publisher
    ..Such Keap1ΔC retains no or less ability to inhibit Nrf2, so that it functions as a dominant-negative competitor of Keap1 against its inhibition of Nrf2 due to its antagonist effect on Keap1-mediated turnover of Nrf2 protein. ..