Xiaoyou Chen


Country: China


  1. Che N, Yang X, Liu Z, Li K, Chen X. Rapid Detection of Cell-Free Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA in Tuberculous Pleural Effusion. J Clin Microbiol. 2017;55:1526-1532 pubmed publisher
    ..84 × 10-10). These data suggest that the cell-free Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA assay is a rapid and accurate molecular test which provides direct evidence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis etiology. ..
  2. Dong Y, Zhou Z, Wang J, Ma L, Liu Z, Wang Y, et al. Origin of the T790M mutation and its impact on the clinical outcomes of patients with lung adenocarcinoma receiving EGFR-TKIs. Pathol Res Pract. 2019;215:946-951 pubmed publisher
    ..The ddPCR assay is an ultra-sensitive method to detect a minor amount of de novo T790M mutations in tumor samples. The de novo T790M mutation is a relatively unfavorable prognosis factor for patients receiving first-line TKIs treatment. ..