Xin Cao


Country: China


  1. Ma X, Ma P, Chang Q, Li L, Zhou X, Zhang D, et al. The analyses of relationships among nucleotide, synonymous codon and amino acid usages for E2 gene of bovine viral diarrhea virus. Gene. 2018;660:62-67 pubmed publisher
    ..The genetic characteristics that codon/amino acid usages of E2 gene adapted to the internal environment of individual animals might assist in understanding the changes of genetics and antigenicity for newly emerging BVDV. ..
  2. Cai K, Wang F, Wang K, Liu J, Wang B, Xu Q, et al. In vitro predatory activity of Arthrobotrys oligospora and after passing through gastrointestinal tract of small ruminants on infective larvae of trichostrongylides. Exp Parasitol. 2017;177:104-111 pubmed publisher
    ..In the current study, these isolates which demonstrated outstanding properties in vitro and could survive in the passage through the alimentary tract of sheep and goat should be potential candidates as a possible feed additive. ..
  3. Ma X, Chang Q, Ma P, Li L, Zhou X, Zhang D, et al. Analyses of nucleotide, codon and amino acids usages between peste des petits ruminants virus and rinderpest virus. Gene. 2017;637:115-123 pubmed publisher