Research Topics

Huihong Guo


Affiliation: Beijing Forestry University
Country: China


  1. Zhao N, Zhang Y, Li Q, Li R, Xia X, Qin X, et al. Identification and expression of a stearoyl-ACP desaturase gene responsible for oleic acid accumulation in Xanthoceras sorbifolia seeds. Plant Physiol Biochem. 2015;87:9-16 pubmed publisher
    ..A preliminary tobacco rattle virus-based virus-induced gene silencing system established in X. sorbifolia can also be helpful for further analyzing the functions of XsSAD and other oil synthesis-related genes in woody plants. ..
  2. Sun Q, Li J, Cheng W, Guo H, Liu X, Gao H. AtPAP2, a Unique Member of the PAP Family, Functions in the Plasma Membrane. Genes (Basel). 2018;9: pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, our results provide information for further study of AtPAP2 in understanding its special function in crop improvement. ..
  3. Guo H, Wang T, Li Q, Zhao N, Zhang Y, Liu D, et al. Two novel diacylglycerol acyltransferase genes from Xanthoceras sorbifolia are responsible for its seed oil content. Gene. 2013;527:266-74 pubmed publisher
    ..The expression patterns of both XsDGAT1 and XsDGAT2 correlated with oil accumulation in developing X. sorbifolia embryos. These data suggest that XsDGAT1 and XsDGAT2 are both responsible for TAG synthesis in X. sorbifolia seeds. ..
  4. Guo H, Li R, Liu S, Zhao N, Han S, Lu M, et al. Molecular characterization, expression, and regulation of Gynostemma pentaphyllum squalene epoxidase gene 1. Plant Physiol Biochem. 2016;109:230-239 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, the GpSE1 expression was maximally regulated in response to 50 ?M MeJA but not to 100 ?M MeJA. This result indicates that MeJA exerts a concentration-dependent effect on GpSE1 expression. ..