Fulvio Chiacchiera



  1. Chiacchiera F, Rossi A, Jammula S, Zanotti M, Pasini D. PRC2 preserves intestinal progenitors and restricts secretory lineage commitment. EMBO J. 2016;35:2301-2314 pubmed
    ..Overall, our data uncover a dual role of PRC2 in intestinal homeostasis highlighting the importance of this repressive layer in controlling cell plasticity and lineage choices in adult tissues. ..
  2. Chiacchiera F, Grossi V, Cappellari M, Peserico A, Simonatto M, Germani A, et al. Blocking p38/ERK crosstalk affects colorectal cancer growth by inducing apoptosis in vitro and in preclinical mouse models. Cancer Lett. 2012;324:98-108 pubmed publisher
    ..Current MEK1-directed pharmacological strategies could thus be exploited, in combination with p38? inhibition, to develop new approaches for CRC treatment. ..