Genomes and Genes


Mark C Chappell



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    ..We conclude that an ANG-(1-7) peptidase is expressed within the renal proximal tubule and may play a potential role in the renal renin-angiotensin system to regulate ANG-(1-7) tone. ..
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    ..We conclude that DPP 3 may influence the cellular expression of Ang-(1-7) and potentially reflect a therapeutic target to augment the actions of the peptide. ..
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    ..We conclude that this pathway may constitute a source of the angiotensinogen precursor for the mitochondrial expression of angiotensin peptides. ..
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    ..Moreover, Ang-(1-7)-dependent vasorelaxation was sensitive to antagonists against the AT7/Mas, AT1, AT2 and B2 receptor subtypes. ..
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    ..These approaches are intended to provide a framework to understand the mitochondrial RAS within a cell-free environment. ..