Bhupendra Chaudhary



  1. Arora S, Pandey D, Chaudhary B. Target-mimicry based diminution of miRNA167 reinforced flowering-time phenotypes in tobacco via spatial-transcriptional biases of flowering-associated miRNAs. Gene. 2019;682:67-80 pubmed publisher
  2. Pandey D, Chaudhary B. Domestication-driven Gossypium profilin 1 (GhPRF1) gene transduces early flowering phenotype in tobacco by spatial alteration of apical/floral-meristem related gene expression. BMC Plant Biol. 2016;16:112 pubmed publisher
    ..During apical meristem determinacy and flower development, the GhPRF1 gene directly influences key flowering regulators through ARP-genes, indicating for its role upstream in the apical-to-floral meristem signalling cascade. ..