J I Nagy


Affiliation: University of Manitoba
Country: Canada


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    Nagy J, Li W, Roy C, Doble B, Gilchrist J, Kardami E, et al. Selective monoclonal antibody recognition and cellular localization of an unphosphorylated form of connexin43. Exp Cell Res. 1997;236:127-36 pubmed
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    Nagy J, Li W. A brain slice model for in vitro analyses of astrocytic gap junction and connexin43 regulation: actions of ischemia, glutamate and elevated potassium. Eur J Neurosci. 2000;12:4567-72 pubmed
    ..These processes can be related in part to neuronal regulation of astrocytic gap junctional coupling state, which is also amenable to analysis in brain slices. ..
  3. Bautista W, McCrea D, Nagy J. Connexin36 identified at morphologically mixed chemical/electrical synapses on trigeminal motoneurons and at primary afferent terminals on spinal cord neurons in adult mouse and rat. Neuroscience. 2014;263:159-80 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings demonstrate that axon terminals of primary afferent origin form morphologically mixed synapses containing Cx36 in broadly distributed areas of adult rodent spinal cord and Mo5. ..
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    Nagy J, Li X, Rempel J, Stelmack G, Patel D, Staines W, et al. Connexin26 in adult rodent central nervous system: demonstration at astrocytic gap junctions and colocalization with connexin30 and connexin43. J Comp Neurol. 2001;441:302-23 pubmed
  5. Nagy J, Ionescu A, Lynn B, Rash J. Connexin29 and connexin32 at oligodendrocyte and astrocyte gap junctions and in myelin of the mouse central nervous system. J Comp Neurol. 2003;464:356-70 pubmed
  6. Nagy J, Ionescu A, Lynn B, Rash J. Coupling of astrocyte connexins Cx26, Cx30, Cx43 to oligodendrocyte Cx29, Cx32, Cx47: Implications from normal and connexin32 knockout mice. Glia. 2003;44:205-18 pubmed
    ..Reductions in Cx30 and Cx26 after Cx32 deletion suggest that these astrocytic connexins likely form junctions with Cx32 and that their incorporation into A/O gap junctions is dependent on the presence of oligodendrocytic Cx32. ..
  7. Nagy J, Lynn B, Tress O, Willecke K, Rash J. Connexin26 expression in brain parenchymal cells demonstrated by targeted connexin ablation in transgenic mice. Eur J Neurosci. 2011;34:263-71 pubmed publisher
  8. Nagy J. Evidence for connexin36 localization at hippocampal mossy fiber terminals suggesting mixed chemical/electrical transmission by granule cells. Brain Res. 2012;1487:107-22 pubmed publisher
    ..This article is part of a Special Issue entitled Electrical Synapses. ..
  9. Rubio M, Nagy J. Connexin36 expression in major centers of the auditory system in the CNS of mouse and rat: Evidence for neurons forming purely electrical synapses and morphologically mixed synapses. Neuroscience. 2015;303:604-29 pubmed publisher