M Belosevic


Affiliation: University of Alberta
Country: Canada


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    Belosevic M, Hanington P, Barreda D. Development of goldfish macrophages in vitro. Fish Shellfish Immunol. 2006;20:152-71 pubmed
    ..The discovery of sCSF-1R in the goldfish highlights the inherent complexity in the hematopoietic regulatory machinery of teleosts. ..
  2. McAllister M, Phillips N, Belosevic M. Trypanosoma carassii infection in goldfish (Carassius auratus L.): changes in the expression of erythropoiesis and anemia regulatory genes. Parasitol Res. 2019;118:1147-1158 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings provide insight into the relationship between T. carassii and host anemia and suggest that T. carassii may directly or indirectly suppress host erythropoiesis. ..
  3. Xie J, Obiefuna V, Hodgkinson J, McAllister M, Belosevic M. Teleost antimicrobial peptide hepcidin contributes to host defense of goldfish (Carassius auratus L.) against Trypanosoma carassii. Dev Comp Immunol. 2019;94:11-15 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that, in addition to well-characterized direct antibacterial activities, teleost hepcidin also exhibits trypanocidal activity. ..
  4. Xie J, Belosevic M. Functional characterization of receptor-interacting serine/threonine kinase 2 (RIP2) of the goldfish (Carassius auratus L.). Dev Comp Immunol. 2015;48:76-85 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, RIP2 was involved in the regulation of the production of TNFα-2 and IL-1β1 in goldfish macrophages exposed to M. marinum. ..
  5. Katakura F, Katzenback B, Belosevic M. Recombinant goldfish thrombopoietin up-regulates expression of genes involved in thrombocyte development and synergizes with kit ligand A to promote progenitor cell proliferation and colony formation. Dev Comp Immunol. 2015;49:157-69 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results demonstrate that goldfish TPO has similar functions to mammalian TPO as a regulator of thrombopoiesis, and suggests a highly conserved molecular mechanism of thrombocyte development throughout evolution of vertebrates. ..
  6. Singh A, Havixbeck J, Smith M, Shu Z, Tierney K, Barreda D, et al. UV and hydrogen peroxide treatment restores changes in innate immunity caused by exposure of fish to reuse water. Water Res. 2015;71:257-73 pubmed publisher
  7. Kovacevic N, Hagen M, Xie J, Belosevic M. The analysis of the acute phase response during the course of Trypanosoma carassii infection in the goldfish (Carassius auratus L.). Dev Comp Immunol. 2015;53:112-22 pubmed publisher
    ..rgfCRP did not affect the production of reactive oxygen and nitrogen intermediates by monocytes and macrophages, respectively. ..
  8. Hodgkinson J, Ge J, Katzenback B, Havixbeck J, Barreda D, Stafford J, et al. Development of an in vitro model system to study the interactions between Mycobacterium marinum and teleost neutrophils. Dev Comp Immunol. 2015;53:349-57 pubmed publisher
    ..We suggest that this goldfish primary neutrophil in vitro model system will provide important information regarding neutrophil-mediated host defense mechanisms against mycobacteria in teleosts as well as in higher vertebrates. ..
  9. Kovacevic N, Belosevic M. Molecular and functional characterization of goldfish (Carassius auratus L.) Serum Amyloid A. Fish Shellfish Immunol. 2015;47:942-53 pubmed publisher
    ..rgSAA treatment of macrophages down-regulated their production of nitric oxide. rgSAA exhibited antibacterial properties against Escherichia coli in a concentration dependent manner. ..

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  1. Xie J, Belosevic M. Functional characterization of apoptosis-associated speck-like protein (ASC) of the goldfish (Carassius auratus L.). Dev Comp Immunol. 2016;65:201-210 pubmed publisher
  2. Hodgkinson J, Fibke C, Belosevic M. Recombinant IL-4/13A and IL-4/13B induce arginase activity and down-regulate nitric oxide response of primary goldfish (Carassius auratus L.) macrophages. Dev Comp Immunol. 2017;67:377-384 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggest a conserved role of IL-4/IL-13 in induction of alternative activation phenotype in teleost macrophages. ..
  3. Li C, Fu L, Stafford J, Belosevic M, Gamal El Din M. The toxicity of oil sands process-affected water (OSPW): A critical review. Sci Total Environ. 2017;601-602:1785-1802 pubmed publisher
    ..In general, toxicity of OSPW was found to be dependent on the OSPW type and concentration, duration of exposures (acute versus sub chronic), and organism studied. ..
  4. Xie J, Belosevic M. Characterization and functional assessment of the NLRC3-like molecule of the goldfish (Carassius auratus L.). Dev Comp Immunol. 2018;79:1-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results indicate that the NLRC3L may function as a regulator of NLR pathways in teleosts. ..