Research Topics

Genomes and Genes


Maryam Tabrizian


Affiliation: McGill University
Country: Canada


  1. Castiello F, Heileman K, Tabrizian M. Microfluidic perfusion systems for secretion fingerprint analysis of pancreatic islets: applications, challenges and opportunities. Lab Chip. 2016;16:409-31 pubmed publisher
    ..Coupled with these tools, microfluidic devices can ultimately find applications in determining islet quality for transplantation, islet regeneration and drug screening of therapeutic agents for the treatment of diabetes. ..
  2. Jahan K, Tabrizian M. Composite biopolymers for bone regeneration enhancement in bony defects. Biomater Sci. 2016;4:25-39 pubmed publisher
    ..This review focuses on osteoconductive biocomposite scaffolds which are constructed around natural polymers and their performance at the in vitro/in vivo stages and in clinical trials. ..
  3. Castiello F, Tabrizian M. Gold nanoparticle amplification strategies for multiplex SPRi-based immunosensing of human pancreatic islet hormones. Analyst. 2019;144:2541-2549 pubmed publisher
    ..The present work denotes the first report of the simultaneous detection of such hormones with a sensitivity level comparable to ELISA assays, particularly for somatostatin. ..
  4. Jahan K, Mekhail M, Tabrizian M. One-step fabrication of apatite-chitosan scaffold as a potential injectable construct for bone tissue engineering. Carbohydr Polym. 2019;203:60-70 pubmed publisher vitro studies showed good cell adhesion and morphology, as well as potential use for bone tissue engineering applications. ..
  5. Bowey K, Tanguay J, Sandros M, Tabrizian M. Microwave-assisted synthesis of surface-enhanced Raman scattering nanoprobes for cellular sensing. Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces. 2014;122:617-622 pubmed publisher
    ..The successful application of SERS nanoprobes to localize biomarker expression in vitro may ultimately be used for early diagnostic and preventative functions in medicine. ..
  6. DiStasio N, Lehoux S, Khademhosseini A, Tabrizian M. The Multifaceted Uses and Therapeutic Advantages of Nanoparticles for Atherosclerosis Research. Materials (Basel). 2018;11: pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, the various atherosclerosis processes targeted mainly for imaging studies have been summarized in the hopes of inspiring new and exciting targeted therapeutic and/or imaging strategies. ..
  7. Nayef L, Mekhail M, Benameur L, Rendon J, Hamdy R, Tabrizian M. A combinatorial approach towards achieving an injectable, self-contained, phosphate-releasing scaffold for promoting biomineralization in critical size bone defects. Acta Biomater. 2016;29:389-397 pubmed publisher
    ..The ability to release phosphate ions and low concentrations of BMP-7 makes this therapeutic intervention clinically-relevant, affordable, and safe. ..
  8. Nardo T, Chiono V, Ciardelli G, Tabrizian M. PolyDOPA Mussel-Inspired Coating as a Means for Hydroxyapatite Entrapment on Polytetrafluoroethylene Surface for Application in Periodontal Diseases. Macromol Biosci. 2016;16:288-98 pubmed publisher
    ..A discontinuous coating was present after 14 days in PBS and MC3T3-E1 cells proliferation and adhesion were improved. Results confirmed the potential application of polyDOPA/HAp-coated films for periodontal disease treatments. ..
  9. Daoud J, Heileman K, Shapka S, Rosenberg L, Tabrizian M. Dielectric spectroscopy for monitoring human pancreatic islet differentiation within cell-seeded scaffolds in a perfusion bioreactor system. Analyst. 2015;140:6295-305 pubmed publisher

More Information


  1. Mekhail M, Almazan G, Tabrizian M. Purine-crosslinked injectable chitosan sponges promote oligodendrocyte progenitor cells' attachment and differentiation. Biomater Sci. 2015;3:279-87 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings, along with the suitable physicochemical and biological properties, make these sponges conducive to use as viable therapeutic agents for enhancing remyelination post-SCI. ..
  2. Mekhail M, Jahan K, Tabrizian M. Genipin-crosslinked chitosan/poly-L-lysine gels promote fibroblast adhesion and proliferation. Carbohydr Polym. 2014;108:91-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, cell viability was significantly improved by 1.6 times on 60:40 gels, and 6.5 times on 50:50 gels after crosslinking. Finally, proliferation was enhanced up to 5 times on 60:40 gels. ..
  3. Heileman K, Daoud J, Tabrizian M. Elaboration of a finite element model of pancreatic islet dielectric response to gap junction expression and insulin release. Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces. 2016;148:474-480 pubmed publisher
    ..Since the progression of diabetes has some connections with dysfunctional islet gap junctions and insulin secretion, the ability to monitor these islet features with dielectric spectroscopy would benefit diabetes research. ..
  4. Heileman K, Tabrizian M. Dielectric spectroscopy platform to measure MCF10A epithelial cell aggregation as a model for spheroidal cell cluster analysis. Analyst. 2017;142:1601-1607 pubmed publisher
    ..This platform could yield many applications for studying the electrophysiological activity of cell aggregates. ..
  5. Tabrizian M. Expression of Concern: Nanodimensional and Nanocrystalline Apatites and Other Calcium Orthophosphates in Biomedical Engineering, Biology and Medicine. Materials 2009, 2, 1975-2045. Materials (Basel). 2016;9: pubmed publisher
    ..We wish to make readers aware that the text in the published paper [1] contains substantial overlap with a previous paper by the same author [2].[...]. ..
  6. Tabrizian M. Materials Best Paper Award 2015. Materials (Basel). 2015;8:829-831 pubmed publisher
  7. Tabrizian M. Materials Best Paper Award 2014. Materials (Basel). 2014;7:1441-1443 pubmed publisher
    ..i>Materials instituted an annual award in order to acknowledge outstanding papers in the area of materials science and engineering published in Materials. [...]. ..
  8. Tabrizian M, Han O. Materials Best Paper Award 2013. Materials (Basel). 2013;6:609-611 pubmed publisher
    ..We are pleased to announce the first "Materials Best Paper Award" for 2013. Nominations were selected by the Section Editor-in-Chiefs and Editorial Board members of Materials from all papers published in 2009. [...]. ..