Christophe Faure


Country: Canada


  1. Faure C, Wieckowska A. Somatic referral of visceral sensations and rectal sensory threshold for pain in children with functional gastrointestinal disorders. J Pediatr. 2007;150:66-71 pubmed
    ..Children with IBS and FAP are characterized by the association of rectal hypersensitivity and abnormal pain referral after rectal distension. ..
  2. Faure C, Giguère L. Functional gastrointestinal disorders and visceral hypersensitivity in children and adolescents suffering from Crohn's disease. Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2008;14:1569-74 pubmed publisher
    ..The incidence of FGID in children suffering from CD requires further investigation. ..
  3. Berthet S, Tenisch E, Miron M, Alami N, Timmons J, Aspirot A, et al. Vascular Anomalies Associated with Esophageal Atresia and Tracheoesophageal Fistula. J Pediatr. 2015;166:1140-1144.e2 pubmed publisher
    ..A computed tomography angioscan is recommended to rule out such malformations when stenting of the esophagus is indicated, before esophageal replacement surgery, and when prolonged (>2 weeks) use of a nasogastric tube is considered. ..
  4. Faure C, Patey N, Gauthier C, Brooks E, Mawe G. Serotonin signaling is altered in irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea but not in functional dyspepsia in pediatric age patients. Gastroenterology. 2010;139:249-58 pubmed publisher
    ..01) and 5-HT content (P < .01) and a high SERT mRNA expression (P < .01). These results confirm the role of 5-HT signaling in IBS in children and argue against such a role in FD. ..
  5. Faure C, CHALAZONITIS A, Rhéaume C, Bouchard G, Sampathkumar S, Yarema K, et al. Gangliogenesis in the enteric nervous system: roles of the polysialylation of the neural cell adhesion molecule and its regulation by bone morphogenetic protein-4. Dev Dyn. 2007;236:44-59 pubmed
    ..Observations suggest that BMP signaling enhances NCAM polysialylation, which allows precursors to migrate and form ganglionic aggregates during the remodeling of the developing ENS. ..