V Lloyd


Affiliation: Dalhousie University
Country: Canada


  1. Lloyd V. Parental imprinting in Drosophila. Genetica. 2000;109:35-44 pubmed
    ..Thus, the study of imprinting in Drosophila has the potential to illuminate the mechanism and biological function of imprinting, and challenge models based solely on imprinting of mammalian genes. ..
  2. Lloyd V, Sinclair D, Alperyn M, Grigliatti T. Enhancer of garnet/deltaAP-3 is a cryptic allele of the white gene and identifies the intracellular transport system for the white protein. Genome. 2002;45:296-312 pubmed
    ..This observation supports a role for these genes in intracellular transport and leads to a model whereby incorrect sorting of the white gene product can explain the pigmentation phenotypes of an entire group of eye-color genes...