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  1. Scheffler L, Sharapa C, Buettner A. Quantification of volatile metabolites derived from garlic in human breast milk. Food Chem. 2019;274:603-610 pubmed publisher
    ..The analyses revealed that the concentrations of the metabolites were most abundant 1-3.5 h after garlic consumption, with distinct differences between test persons regarding metabolite concentrations as well as temporal excretion. ..
  2. Niebler J, Buettner A. Identification of odorants in frankincense (Boswellia sacra Flueck.) by aroma extract dilution analysis and two-dimensional gas chromatography-mass spectrometry/olfactometry. Phytochemistry. 2015;109:66-75 pubmed publisher
    ..sacra. Identifying bioactive compounds might support a better understanding with regard to the potential benefits of frankincense, for example in aromatherapy or ecclesial settings. ..
  3. Niebler J, Buettner A. Frankincense Revisited, Part I: Comparative Analysis of Volatiles in Commercially Relevant Boswellia Species. Chem Biodivers. 2016;13:613-29 pubmed publisher
    ..Chemotaxonomic marker substances were suggested to facilitate the differentiation of commercial gum resins or essential oils based on their volatile profile. ..
  4. Niebler J, Eslamieh J, Buettner A. Frankincense Revisited, Part II: Volatiles in Rare Boswellia Species and Hybrids. Chem Biodivers. 2016;13:630-43 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study shows that B. sacra benefits from an intraspecific cross-pollination, as the resulting hybrid B. sacra var. supersacra has a far higher seed germination rate and viability. ..
  5. Lopez Pinar A, Rauhut D, Ruehl E, Buettner A. Effects of Botrytis cinerea and Erysiphe necator fungi on the aroma character of grape must: A comparative approach. Food Chem. 2016;207:251-60 pubmed publisher
    ..Unlike in previous studies, however, we did not observe any clear differences in the quantities of earthy-mushroom-like smelling substances as result of the infection process with Erysiphe necator. ..
  6. Mahmoud M, Buettner A. Characterisation of aroma-active and off-odour compounds in German rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Part I: Case of aquaculture water from earthen-ponds farming. Food Chem. 2016;210:623-30 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, the sensory experiment indicated that (E)-4,5-epoxy-(E)-2-decenal, (E,E)-2,4-octadienal, and 1-octen-3-one are the main contributors to the metallic, cucumber, and mushroom notes of the samples. ..
  7. Scheffler L, Sauermann Y, Zeh G, Hauf K, Heinlein A, Sharapa C, et al. Detection of Volatile Metabolites of Garlic in Human Breast Milk. Metabolites. 2016;6: pubmed publisher
    ..The excretion rates of these metabolites into breast milk were strongly time-dependent with large inter-individual differences. ..
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    Denzer Lippmann M, Beauchamp J, Freiherr J, Thuerauf N, Kornhuber J, Buettner A. Development and Validation of a Food-Associated Olfactory Test (FAOT). Chem Senses. 2017;42:47-57 pubmed
    ..The FOAT is particularly suited to examinations of the sense of smell regarding food odors. ..
  9. Scheffler L, Sauermann Y, Heinlein A, Sharapa C, Buettner A. Detection of Volatile Metabolites Derived from Garlic (Allium sativum) in Human Urine. Metabolites. 2016;6: pubmed

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  1. Elsharif S, Buettner A. Influence of the chemical structure on the odor characters of ?-citronellol and its oxygenated derivatives. Food Chem. 2017;232:704-711 pubmed publisher
    ..8-Oxocitronellyl acetate was the only compound that was described with divergent odor attributes, namely musty, rotten and coconut-like. 8-Carboxycitronellol and 8-carboxycitronellyl acetate were found to be odorless. ..
  2. Schranz M, Lorber K, Klos K, Kerschbaumer J, Buettner A. Influence of the chemical structure on the odor qualities and odor thresholds of guaiacol-derived odorants, Part 1: Alkylated, alkenylated and methoxylated derivatives. Food Chem. 2017;232:808-819 pubmed publisher
    ..The smell impressions, on the other hand, were quite consistent. ..
  3. Mahmoud M, Buettner A. Characterisation of aroma-active and off-odour compounds in German rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Part II: Case of fish meat and skin from earthen-ponds farming. Food Chem. 2017;232:841-849 pubmed publisher
    ..The analytical findings were further compared to sensory evaluation of the samples, and previously obtained data on the respective aquacultural water. ..