Rostyslav Bubnov


Affiliation: Clinical hospital Pheophania
Location: Kyiv, ukraine
Areas of interest are: Predictive, Preventive and Personalised Medicine; Ultrasound guided interventions;
Nanoparticles study; Immunology; Pain; Trigger points therapy; Muscle physiology and ultrasonography; Sonosurgery;
Ultrasound in biomedical experiment; Drug delivery.
I am a Ph.D. holder and a medical doctor in the Centre of Ultrasound Diagnostics and Interventional Sonography, Clinical Hospital ‘Pheophania’ of State Affairs Department, National Representative of the European Association for Predictive, Preventive and Personalised Medicine (EPMA) in Ukraine.


  1. Bubnov R. Evidence-based pain management: is the concept of integrative medicine applicable?. EPMA J. 2012;3:13 pubmed publisher
    ..The physiological management of exactly assessed pathological condition, particularly in movement disorders, requires participative medical approach to gain harmonized and sustainable effect. ..
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    Bubnov R. The use of trigger point "dry" needling under ultrasound guidance for the treatment of myofascial pain (technological innovation and literature review). Lik Sprava. 2010;:56-64 pubmed
    ..The patients were treated during last year by patented method (UA patent A 2010 06283). The pain relief effect was registered in 93.3% patients. ..
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    Mukhomor A, Bubnov R. [Using modern radiological methods for prostate cancer diagnostics]. Lik Sprava. 2010;:118-23 pubmed
    ..The author conducted an analysis of different approaches in the use of modern methods of diagnostics of prostatic cancer. The author's primary experience is presented in the article. ..
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    Bubnov R, Abdullaiev R. [Main sonographic parameters of regional anesthesia conduction in the lower extremities under ultrasound guidance]. Lik Sprava. 2010;:97-107 pubmed
    ..The further study and improvement of methodological aspects is required. With the proposed method is possible to conduct qualitative sonographic navigation with high efficiency in all patients. ..
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    Bubnov R, Strokan A, Abdullaiev R. [Comparative study of performance of lower extremities blocks under ultrasonography and nerve stimulator guidance]. Lik Sprava. 2011;:126-31 pubmed
    ..However, the difference between some indicators of quality of regional anesthesia is statistically unreliable; it requires further randomized and double blind studies on large patient groups, for different blockages. ..
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    Bubnov R, Melnyk I. The methods of fractal analysis of diagnostic images. initial clinical experience. Lik Sprava. 2011;:108-13 pubmed
  7. Lazarenko L, Nikitina O, Nikitin E, Demchenko O, Kovtonyuk G, Ganova L, et al. Development of biomarker panel to predict, prevent and create treatments tailored to the persons with human papillomavirus-induced cervical precancerous lesions. EPMA J. 2014;5:1 pubmed publisher
    ..The aim was to develop biomarker panel for HPV-induced cervical precancerous diseases in patients infected with herpes simplex virus (HSV)...

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