Maristella A Landgraf


Country: Brazil


  1. Echem C, Costa T, Oliveira V, Giglio Colli L, Landgraf M, Rodrigues S, et al. Mitochondrial DNA: A new driver for sex differences in spontaneous hypertension. Pharmacol Res. 2019;144:142-150 pubmed publisher
    ..This study contributes to the understanding of a need for more personalized therapeutic strategies for men and women with hypertension. Keywords: Sex differences, Arterial hypertension, Mitochondrial DNA, Toll-Like receptor 9. ..
  2. Landgraf M, Landgraf R, Carvalho M, Fortes Z. Modulation of lung allergic inflammation and malnutrition. Neuroimmunomodulation. 2008;15:194-206 pubmed publisher
    ..The purpose of this review is to associate malnutrition, including intrauterine malnutrition, with the establishment of immune responses and the development of lung allergic inflammation...