Hossain Sazzad


Affiliation: icddr,b
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
I am a medical doctor. I am working in icddr,b for the last 9 years in scientific track. Currently I am assistant scientist. My are of work is Emerging infectious diseases epidemiology.
Sazzad, H. M., Stephen P. Luby, Ute Str


  1. Sazzad H, Labrique A, Teo C, Luby S, Gurley E. Surveillance at Private Laboratories Identifies Small Outbreaks of Hepatitis E in Urban Bangladesh. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2017;96:395-399 pubmed publisher
    ..In Bangladesh, collaboration between government public health surveillance and private laboratories can strengthen capacity for outbreak detection and improve estimates of disease burden. ..

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