Happiness Aweto


Affiliation: University of Lagos
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Lecturer in Physiotherapy Department of the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Nigeria.
- Specialized in Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy.

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2. Odueso OO. Aweto HA, Olawale OA (2012). Work-related musculoskeletal disorders among long distance bus drivers in Nigeria. Journal of Clinical Sciences. 9(1): 6-10.
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5. Aweto HA, Owoeye OBA, Onabajo AA, Akinbo SRA (2012). Effects of Dance of Movement Therapy on selected Cardiovascular Parameters and Estimated Maximum Oxygen Consumption in Hypertensive Patients. Nigerian quarterly Journal of Hospital Medicine. 22(2): 125-129.
6. Odebiyi OD, Aweto HA, Igbari OT, Tella BA (2012). Evaluation of factors influencing the treatment sessions of patients with Low back pain. Accepted in the African Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. 4 (1&2): 23-28.


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    Aweto H, Aiyegbusi A, Ugonabo A, Adeyemo T. Effects of Aerobic Exercise on the Pulmonary Functions, Respiratory Symptoms and Psychological Status of People Living With HIV. J Res Health Sci. 2016;16:17-21 pubmed
    ..001) of study group and those of the control group. Aerobic exercise training significantly improved pulmonary functions as well as significantly reduced respiratory and depressive symptoms in people living with HIV. ..
  2. Aweto H, Oligbo C, Fapojuwo O, Olawale O. Knowledge, attitude and practice of physiotherapists towards promotion of physically active lifestyles in patient management. BMC Health Serv Res. 2013;13:21 pubmed publisher
    ..Integrating brief counselling into usual treatment sessions is perceived as the most feasible form of physical activity promotion in patient management. ..

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