David A Keays


Country: Austria


  1. Breuss M, Fritz T, Gstrein T, Chan K, Ushakova L, Yu N, et al. Mutations in the murine homologue of TUBB5 cause microcephaly by perturbing cell cycle progression and inducing p53-associated apoptosis. Development. 2016;143:1126-33 pubmed publisher
    ..This work sheds light on the functional repertoire of Tubb5, reveals that the E401K mutation acts by a complex mechanism, and demonstrates that the cellular pathology driving TUBB5-associated microcephaly is cell death. ..
  2. Breuss M, Hansen A, Landler L, Keays D. Brain-specific knockin of the pathogenic Tubb5 E401K allele causes defects in motor coordination and prepulse inhibition. Behav Brain Res. 2017;323:47-55 pubmed publisher
    ..This study provides insight into the behavioral consequences of tubulin gene mutations. ..
  3. Breuss M, Leca I, Gstrein T, Hansen A, Keays D. Tubulins and brain development - The origins of functional specification. Mol Cell Neurosci. 2017;84:58-67 pubmed publisher
    ..We remind the reader that tubulins are not just loading controls for your average Western blot. ..