W T White


Country: Australia


  1. White W, Kawauchi J, Corrigan S, Rochel E, Naylor G. Redescription of the eagle rays Myliobatis hamlyni Ogilby, 1911 and M. tobijei Bleeker, 1854 (Myliobatiformes: Myliobatidae) from the East Indo-West Pacific. Zootaxa. 2015;3948:521-48 pubmed publisher
    ..Myliobatis tobijei was considered to occur southwards from Japan to Indonesia, but its distribution is herein restricted to the western North Pacific, primarily Japan. ..
  2. White W. A revised generic arrangement for the eagle ray family Myliobatidae, with definitions for the valid genera. Zootaxa. 2014;3860:149-66 pubmed publisher
    ..Myliobatis australis Macleay, 1881 from southern Australia is placed into the synonymy of the previously considered endemic New Zealand species, M. tenuicaudatus Hector, 1877. ..
  3. White W, Ko ou A. An annotated checklist of the chondrichthyans of Papua New Guinea. Zootaxa. 2018;4411:1-82 pubmed publisher
    ..This represents the first detailed, verified checklist of chondrichthyans from Papua New Guinean waters. ..
  4. Carvalho M, White W. Narcine baliensis, a new species of electric ray from southeast Asia (Chondrichthyes: Torpediniformes). Zootaxa. 2016;4127:149-60 pubmed publisher
    ..The genus Narcine is now composed of 20 valid species, but uncertainty remains concerning the identification and morphological variation of some of its species in the tropical Indo-West Pacific region. ..
  5. Last P, White W, Kyne P. Urogymnus acanthobothrium sp. nov., a new euryhaline whipray (Myliobatiformes: Dasyatidae) from Australia and Papua New Guinea. Zootaxa. 2016;4147:162-76 pubmed publisher
    ..It co-occurs with two other morphologically distinct Urogymnus in the region (U. asperrimus and U. dalyensis). Like U. dalyensis it occurs in both brackish and marine waters. A key is proved to the members of the genus Urogymnus. ..
  6. Last P, White W, Naylor G. Three new stingrays (Myliobatiformes: Dasyatidae) from the Indo-West Pacific. Zootaxa. 2016;4147:377-402 pubmed publisher
    ..nov. differs from these species in morphometrics. The new species differs markedly from T. zugei in its NADH2 sequence. Telatrygon crozieri is resurrected as a valid northern Indian Ocean representative of the T. zugei complex. ..
  7. Last P, White W, Séret B. Taxonomic status of maskrays of the Neotrygon kuhlii species complex (Myliobatoidei: Dasyatidae) with the description of three new species from the Indo-West Pacific. Zootaxa. 2016;4083:533-61 pubmed publisher
    ..kuhlii, is sympatric with N. orientale sp. nov. in the South China Sea and off Taiwan. Neotrygon varidens (Garman) is resurrected as the valid name for this ray. A key is provided to species of the genus. ..
  8. White W, Last P. Platyrhina psomadakisi sp. nov., a new species of fanray (Batoidea: Platyrhinidae) from the Andaman Sea, the first record of this family in the Indian Ocean. Zootaxa. 2016;4121:533-44 pubmed publisher
    ..The new species differs from its congeners in having a series of faint dark bands on the body and tail, more pectoral-fin radials, and much more widely separated dorsal fins. ..
  9. White W, Naylor G. Resurrection of the family Aetobatidae (Myliobatiformes) for the pelagic eagle rays, genus Aetobatus. Zootaxa. 2016;4139:435-8 pubmed publisher
    ..no free rear tip evident, posterior margin joining dorsal surface of tail). ..

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  1. White W, Last P, Naylor G. Rhinobatos manai sp. nov., a new species of guitarfish (Rhinopristiformes: Rhinobatidae) from New Ireland, Papua New Guinea. Zootaxa. 2016;4175:588-600 pubmed publisher
  2. White W, Mana R, Naylor G. <i>Galeus</i> <i>corriganae</i> sp. nov., a new species of deepwater catshark (Carcharhiniformes: Pentanchidae) from Papua New Guinea. Zootaxa. 2016;4205:zootaxa.4205.3.5 pubmed publisher
    ..priapus from New Caledonia and G. gracilis from northwestern Australia but differs in several morphological characters. A reclassification of the catshark groups is required to revise the familial and generic arrangement of the group. ..
  3. White W, Iglésias S. Squalus formosus, a new species of spurdog shark (Squaliformes: Squalidae), from the western North Pacific Ocean. J Fish Biol. 2011;79:954-68 pubmed publisher
    ..This new species was considered by some authors to be conspecific with Squalus blainville from the eastern Atlantic Ocean, but the results of this study reveal that it is probably endemic to Taiwan and southern Japan...
  4. White W, Last P, Mana R. A new species of velvet skate, <i>Notoraja</i> <i>sereti</i> n.sp. (Rajiformes: Arhynchobatidae) from Papua New Guinea. Zootaxa. 2017;4244:219-230 pubmed publisher
    ..6-22.9 vs. 22.9-25.9% TL), fewer pectoral-fin radials (total radials 58-60 vs. 61-74), and fewer vertebrae (predorsal diplospondylous centra 66-71 vs. 72-82, predorsal centra 90-95 vs. 98-107, total centra 126-131 vs. 135-152). ..
  5. White W, Ebert D, Naylor G. Revision of the genus <i>Centrophorus</i> (Squaliformes: Centrophoridae): Part 2-Description of two new species of <i>Centrophorus</i> and clarification of the status of <i>Centrophorus</i> <i>lusitanicus<. Zootaxa. 2017;4344:86-114 pubmed publisher
    ..A short erratum is also provided for Part 1 of this revision of the Centrophorus due to two figure related errors which may cause some confusion. ..