Eric Smith


Affiliation: University of Adelaide
Country: Australia


  1. Nakhjavani M, Hardingham J, Palethorpe H, Tomita Y, Smith E, Price T, et al. Ginsenoside Rg3: Potential Molecular Targets and Therapeutic Indication in Metastatic Breast Cancer. Medicines (Basel). 2019;6: pubmed publisher
    ..The mode of action of ginsenoside Rg3 (Rg3) in in vitro and in vivo breast cancer models and its value as an anti-cancer treatment for breast cancer will be reviewed. ..
  2. Smith E, Palethorpe H, Tomita Y, Pei J, Townsend A, Price T, et al. The Purified Extract from the Medicinal Plant Bacopa monnieri, Bacopaside II, Inhibits Growth of Colon Cancer Cells In Vitro by Inducing Cell Cycle Arrest and Apoptosis. Cells. 2018;7: pubmed publisher
    ..Inhibition of SW480, SW620 and HCT116 at ?15 ┬ÁM was mediated by G2/M arrest and apoptosis. These results are the first to show that bacopaside II inhibits colon cancer cell growth by inducing cell cycle arrest and apoptosis. ..
  3. Smith E, Jones M, Drew P. Quantitation of DNA methylation by melt curve analysis. BMC Cancer. 2009;9:123 pubmed publisher
    ..The parameters derived provide an objective description and quantitation of the methylation in a specimen, and can be used to for statistical comparisons of methylation between specimens. ..
  4. Need E, Selth L, Trotta A, Leach D, Giorgio L, O Loughlin M, et al. The unique transcriptional response produced by concurrent estrogen and progesterone treatment in breast cancer cells results in upregulation of growth factor pathways and switching from a Luminal A to a Basal-like subtype. BMC Cancer. 2015;15:791 pubmed publisher
    ..The transformative changes progesterone exerts on the breast cancer subtype suggest that these subtyping tools should be used with caution in premenopausal women. ..
  5. Tomita Y, Dorward H, Yool A, Smith E, Townsend A, Price T, et al. Role of Aquaporin 1 Signalling in Cancer Development and Progression. Int J Mol Sci. 2017;18: pubmed publisher
    ..This article reviews the current understanding of AQP1-facilitated tumour development and progression with a focus on regulatory mechanisms and downstream signalling pathways. ..
  6. Palethorpe H, Tomita Y, Smith E, Pei J, Townsend A, Price T, et al. The Aquaporin 1 Inhibitor Bacopaside II Reduces Endothelial Cell Migration and Tubulogenesis and Induces Apoptosis. Int J Mol Sci. 2018;19: pubmed publisher
    ..5 ?M (p = 0.037). Tube-formation was reduced with a 15 ?M dose for all cell lines and 10 ?M for 3B11 (p < 0.0001). These results suggest that bacopaside II is a potential anti-angiogenic agent. ..
  7. Wong S, Lidums I, Rosty C, Ruszkiewicz A, Parry S, Win A, et al. Findings in young adults at colonoscopy from a hospital service database audit. BMC Gastroenterol. 2017;17:56 pubmed publisher
    ..Most CRCs in this age group are known to arise in the distal colon and rectum suggesting that lesions other than SSA/P may serve as the precursor for the majority of early-onset CRC. ..
  8. Smith E, Drew P, Tian Z, De Young N, Liu J, Mayne G, et al. Metallothionien 3 expression is frequently down-regulated in oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma by DNA methylation. Mol Cancer. 2005;4:42 pubmed
    ..We conclude that MT3 expression is frequently down-regulated in oesophageal SCC, by DNA methylation, but that this is not a prognostic indicator. ..
  9. Smith E, Kelly J, Ruskiewicz A, Sullivan T, Jamieson G, Drew P. The effect of long-term control of reflux by fundoplication on aberrant deoxyribonucleic acid methylation in patients with Barrett esophagus. Ann Surg. 2010;252:63-9 pubmed publisher
    ..We investigated the relationship between reflux and aberrant deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) methylation, comparing methylation in the columnar epithelium following successful fundoplication to that in subjects with a failed fundoplication...

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  1. Smith E, De Young N, Tian Z, Caruso M, Ruszkiewicz A, Liu J, et al. Methylation of TIMP3 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. World J Gastroenterol. 2008;14:203-10 pubmed
    ..Methylation and loss of expression of TIMP3 occurs infrequently in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in a region of high incidence in China. ..
  2. Smith E, Palethorpe H, Hayden A, Young J, Underwood T, Drew P. Fibroblasts derived from oesophageal adenocarcinoma differ in DNA methylation profile from normal oesophageal fibroblasts. Sci Rep. 2017;7:3368 pubmed publisher
    ..These data suggest that DNA methylation may contribute to the maintenance of the TDF phenotype. ..