Research Topics

Paul N Shaw


Affiliation: University of Queensland
Country: Australia


  1. Bose U, Hewavitharana A, Ng Y, Shaw P, Fuerst J, Hodson M. LC-MS-based metabolomics study of marine bacterial secondary metabolite and antibiotic production in Salinispora arenicola. Mar Drugs. 2015;13:249-66 pubmed publisher
    ..A "chemical profile" link between the days of incubation and the salt concentration of the growth medium was shown to exist and reliably represents a critical point for selection of growth medium and harvest time. ..
  2. Nguyen T, Parat M, Hodson M, Pan J, Shaw P, Hewavitharana A. Chemical Characterization and in Vitro Cytotoxicity on Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells of Carica papaya Leaf Extracts. Toxins (Basel). 2015;8: pubmed publisher
    ..These results confirm that papaya leaf is a potential source of anticancer compounds and warrant further scientific investigation to validate the traditional use of papaya leaf to treat cancer. ..