Rachel A Burton


Affiliation: University of Adelaide
Country: Australia


  1. Corbin K, Hsieh Y, Betts N, Byrt C, Henderson M, Stork J, et al. Grape marc as a source of carbohydrates for bioethanol: Chemical composition, pre-treatment and saccharification. Bioresour Technol. 2015;193:76-83 pubmed publisher
    ..However, bioethanol from only soluble carbohydrates could yield 270 L/t, leaving a polyphenol enriched fraction that may be used in animal feed or as fertilizer. ..
  2. Gartaula G, Dhital S, Netzel G, Flanagan B, Yakubov G, Beahan C, et al. Quantitative structural organisation model for wheat endosperm cell walls: Cellulose as an important constituent. Carbohydr Polym. 2018;196:199-208 pubmed publisher
  3. Ermawar R, Collins H, Byrt C, Henderson M, O Donovan L, Shirley N, et al. Genetics and physiology of cell wall polysaccharides in the model C4 grass, Setaria viridis spp. BMC Plant Biol. 2015;15:236 pubmed publisher
    ..This suggests that Setaria is a suitable model plant for cell wall polysaccharide biology in C4 grasses. ..
  4. Phan J, Tucker M, Khor S, Shirley N, Lahnstein J, Beahan C, et al. Differences in glycosyltransferase family 61 accompany variation in seed coat mucilage composition in Plantago spp. J Exp Bot. 2016;67:6481-6495 pubmed
    ..cunninghamii. Our results indicate that natural variation in Plantago species can be exploited to reveal novel details of seed coat development and polysaccharide biosynthetic pathways. ..