Research Topics

William G Breed


Affiliation: University of Adelaide
Country: Australia


  1. Breed W, Leigh C. Reproductive biology of an old endemic murid rodent of Australia, the Spinifex hopping mouse, Notomys alexis: adaptations for life in the arid zone. Integr Zool. 2011;6:321-33 pubmed publisher
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    Breed W. The spermatozoon of Eurasian murine rodents: Its morphological diversity and evolution. J Morphol. 2004;261:52-69 pubmed
    ..The ultrastructural organization of the sperm head of Bandicota, but not those of Micromys or Tokudaia, suggest divergence in some of the morphological events associated with sperm-egg interaction at the time of fertilization...
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    Breed W. Evolution of the spermatozoon in muroid rodents. J Morphol. 2005;265:271-90 pubmed
    ..An alternative proposal for the evolution of sperm form within the Muroidea is presented in the light of these data...