Research Topics

Bernadette Ward


Affiliation: Monash University


  1. Ingham G, Fry J, Morgan S, Ward B. ARCADO - Adding random case analysis to direct observation in workplace-based formative assessment of general practice registrars. BMC Med Educ. 2015;15:218 pubmed publisher
    ..Whilst there are some contextual factors to be considered in its implementation, ARCADO appears to have utility as formative assessment and, subject to further evaluation, high-stakes assessment. ..
  2. Ward B, Kippen R, Buykx P, Munro G, McBride N, Wiggers J. Principals' reports of adults' alcohol use in Australian secondary schools. BMC Public Health. 2016;16:195 pubmed publisher
    ..Findings from this study suggest education department and school-based policies that prohibit or restrict the use of alcohol, are significant predictors of adults' alcohol use at school events when children are present. ..
  3. Reupert A, Ward B, McCormick F, Ward C, Waller S, Kidd S. Developing a model of family focused practice with consumers, families, practitioners and managers: a community based participatory research approach. BMC Health Serv Res. 2018;18:66 pubmed publisher
    ..The model has the potential to inform policy, professional development and practice guidelines. ..
  4. McGrail M, Humphreys J, Ward B. Accessing doctors at times of need-measuring the distance tolerance of rural residents for health-related travel. BMC Health Serv Res. 2015;15:212 pubmed publisher
    ..This study provides empirical evidence that travel behaviour should not be implicitly assumed constant amongst rural populations when modelling access through methods like the 2SFCA. ..
  5. Ward B, Reupert A, McCormick F, Waller S, Kidd S. Family-focused practice within a recovery framework: practitioners' qualitative perspectives. BMC Health Serv Res. 2017;17:234 pubmed publisher
    ..A family-focused recovery framework is needed to assist service planners, practitioners, family members and those with mental health needs and ensure such care is embedded within practice guidelines. ..
  6. Ward B, Kippen R, Munro G, Buykx P, McBride N, Wiggers J, et al. Liquor licences issued to Australian schools. BMC Public Health. 2017;18:72 pubmed publisher
    ..Such practices may undermine teaching about alcohol use in the school curriculum and health promotion efforts to develop alcohol-free events when children are present. ..
  7. Kippen R, James E, Ward B, Buykx P, Shamsullah A, Watson W, et al. Identification of cancer risk and associated behaviour: implications for social marketing campaigns for cancer prevention. BMC Cancer. 2017;17:550 pubmed publisher
    ..Traditional population campaigns can enhance awareness of being overweight, alcohol consumption, and poor vegetable and fruit intake as cancer risk factors. ..

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