Richard J Lang


Affiliation: Monash University
Country: Australia


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    Lang R, Klemm M. Interstitial cell of Cajal-like cells in the upper urinary tract. J Cell Mol Med. 2005;9:543-56 pubmed
  2. Lang R, Hashitani H, Tonta M, Parkington H, Suzuki H. Spontaneous electrical and Ca2+ signals in typical and atypical smooth muscle cells and interstitial cell of Cajal-like cells of mouse renal pelvis. J Physiol. 2007;583:1049-68 pubmed
    ..We speculate that ASMCs act as the primary pacemaker in the renal pelvis while ICC-LCs play a supportive role, but can take over pacemaking in the absence of the proximal pacemaker drive. ..
  3. Lang R, Tonta M, Zoltkowski B, Meeker W, Wendt I, Parkington H. Pyeloureteric peristalsis: role of atypical smooth muscle cells and interstitial cells of Cajal-like cells as pacemakers. J Physiol. 2006;576:695-705 pubmed