David Wilson


Affiliation: James Cook University
Country: Australia


  1. Wilson D, Daly N. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance seq (NMRseq): A New Approach to Peptide Sequence Tags. Toxins (Basel). 2018;10: pubmed publisher
    ..In contrast to other sequencing methods, the lack of sample manipulation, such as protease digestion, allows for subsequent bioassays to be carried out using the native sample used for sequence identification. ..
  2. Cobos C, Bansal P, Jones L, Wangchuk P, Wilson D, Loukas A, et al. Engineering of an Anti-Inflammatory Peptide Based on the Disulfide-Rich Linaclotide Scaffold. Biomedicines. 2018;6: pubmed publisher
    ..This is the first study to show that this disulfide-rich peptide can be used as a scaffold to confer a new bioactivity. ..
  3. Giribaldi J, Wilson D, Nicke A, El Hamdaoui Y, Laconde G, Faucherre A, et al. Synthesis, Structure and Biological Activity of CIA and CIB, Two ?-Conotoxins from the Predation-Evoked Venom of Conus catus. Toxins (Basel). 2018;10: pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, CIA likely participates in prey capture through muscle paralysis, while the putative ecological role of CIB remains to be elucidated. ..
  4. Andreosso A, Bansal P, Smout M, Wilson D, Seymour J, Daly N. Structural Characterisation of Predicted Helical Regions in the Chironex fleckeri CfTX-1 Toxin. Mar Drugs. 2018;16: pubmed publisher
    ..This is the first study to experimentally analyze the structure of regions of a C. fleckeri protein. ..
  5. Daly N, Wilson D. Structural diversity of arthropod venom toxins. Toxicon. 2018;152:46-56 pubmed publisher
    ..Arthropod venoms are an extremely rich source of novel structures and this review provides an overview of this structural diversity, including structures of proteins, peptides and small molecules. ..
  6. Wilson D, Daly N. Venomics: A Mini-Review. High Throughput. 2018;7: pubmed publisher
    ..Here we highlight recent advances in these fields and their impact on venom analyses. ..
  7. Wilson D, Boyle G, McIntyre L, Nolan M, Parsons P, Smith J, et al. The Aromatic Head Group of Spider Toxin Polyamines Influences Toxicity to Cancer Cells. Toxins (Basel). 2017;9: pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggest that the ring structure plays a role in the cytotoxicity and that modification to the polyamine head group might lead to more potent and selective compounds with potential as novel cancer treatments. ..
  8. Neale V, Sotillo J, Seymour J, Wilson D. The Venom of the Spine-Bellied Sea Snake (Hydrophis curtus): Proteome, Toxin Diversity and Intraspecific Variation. Int J Mol Sci. 2017;18: pubmed publisher
    ..These differences potentially indicate the presence of seasonal, ontogenetic or sexual variation in H. curtus venom. ..