Emilio Alberto Rodríguez-Garay


Country: Argentina


  1. Rodriguez Garay E, Larocca C, Pisani G, del Luján Alvarez M, Rodriguez G. Adaptive hepatic changes in mild stenosis of the common bile duct in the rat. Res Exp Med (Berl). 1999;198:307-23 pubmed
    ..These findings may explain the limited hepatic and systemic repercussion of experimental mild stenosis of the common bile duct and help us to understand the early stages of constriction of the common bile duct in man. ..
  2. Crocenzi F, Mottino A, Roma M. Regulation of synthesis and trafficking of canalicular transporters and its alteration in acquired hepatocellular cholestasis. Experimental therapeutic strategies for its prevention. Curr Med Chem. 2004;11:501-24 pubmed
    ..g., cAMP, silymarin or tauroursodeoxycholate) are described with respect to their ability to prevent cholestatic alterations; the role of signaling molecules as putative downstream mediators of their effects are also discussed...