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Indranee Amarasingha



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    Amarasinghe I, Perera N, Bahinathan N, Marzook H, Peiris A. Review of distribution of nodal disease in differentiated thyroid cancers in an oncosurgical center in Sri Lanka. Ann Surg Oncol. 2007;14:1560-4 pubmed
    ..Because 27.6% of the patients studies had multifocal nodal disease, we consider a comprehensive nodal clearance is necessary for patients with clinically positive nodes. ..
  2. De Silva W, Karunanayake E, Tennekoon K, Allen M, Amarasinghe I, Angunawala P, et al. Novel sequence variants and a high frequency of recurrent polymorphisms in BRCA1 gene in Sri Lankan breast cancer patients and at risk individuals. BMC Cancer. 2008;8:214 pubmed publisher
    ..3086delT and c.5404delG) in two families were identified and two more possibly pathogenic mutations (c.856T>G and IVS17-2A>T) in two families were identified. BRCA1--Gene Bank: Accession # U14680 Version # 14680.1. ..