Mortiz H Albrecht



  1. Albrecht M, Varga Szemes A, Schoepf U, Nance J, De Cecco C, De Santis D, et al. Diagnostic Accuracy of Noncontrast Self-navigated Free-breathing MR Angiography versus CT Angiography: A Prospective Study in Pediatric Patients with Suspected Anomalous Coronary Arteries. Acad Radiol. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..Noncontrast SN3D-MRA is highly accurate for the detection of coronary artery anomalies in pediatric patients while diagnostic confidence and coronary artery visualization remain superior with CTA. ..
  2. Albrecht M, Scholtz J, Kraft J, Bauer R, Kaup M, Dewes P, et al. Assessment of an Advanced Monoenergetic Reconstruction Technique in Dual-Energy Computed Tomography of Head and Neck Cancer. Eur Radiol. 2015;25:2493-501 pubmed publisher
    ..Mono + DECT imaging allows for superior CNR and subjective image quality. • Head and neck tumour contrast-to-noise ratio peaks at 40 keV. • 55 keV images are preferred over all other series by observers. ..
  3. Albrecht M, Bickford M, Schoepf U, Tesche C, De Santis D, Eid M, et al. Beam-hardening in 70-kV Coronary CT angiography: Artifact reduction using an advanced post-processing algorithm. Eur J Radiol. 2018;101:111-117 pubmed publisher
    ..217). The iBHC post-processing algorithm leads to significantly reduced beam-hardening while providing improved objective and equivalent subjective image quality in 70-kV cCTA. ..
  4. Albrecht M, Scholtz J, Hüsers K, Beeres M, Bucher A, Kaup M, et al. Advanced image-based virtual monoenergetic dual-energy CT angiography of the abdomen: optimization of kiloelectron volt settings to improve image contrast. Eur Radiol. 2016;26:1863-70 pubmed publisher
    ..Contrast-to-noise ratio in monoenergetic DE-CTA peaks at 40 keV. • Mono+ reconstructions significantly improve quantitative image quality at low keV levels. ..
  5. Albrecht M, Bodelle B, Varga Szemes A, Dewes P, Bucher A, Ball B, et al. Intra-individual comparison of CAIPIRINHA VIBE technique with conventional VIBE sequences in contrast-enhanced MRI of focal liver lesions. Eur J Radiol. 2017;86:20-25 pubmed publisher
    ..Additionally, this technique allows for higher inter-observer agreement when reporting focal liver lesions for both dignity and allocation. ..
  6. Goeller M, Achenbach S, Marwan M, Doris M, Cadet S, Commandeur F, et al. Epicardial adipose tissue density and volume are related to subclinical atherosclerosis, inflammation and major adverse cardiac events in asymptomatic subjects. J Cardiovasc Comput Tomogr. 2018;12:67-73 pubmed publisher
    ..Lower EAT density and increased EAT volume were associated with coronary calcification, serum levels of plaque inflammatory markers and MACE, suggesting that dysfunctional EAT may be linked to early plaque formation and inflammation. ..